10 Unique Ways to Wear a Custom Lanyard and Stay In-Style

Are there really other ways you can wear a lanyard aside from your neck to hold your IDs? The answer is a big yes! For most people, lanyards mainly exist to hold their identification cards and nothing more, but there is more to it than a mere card holder. In fact, it can add life to your daily outfit and make it more stylish.

If you are still not convinced, read on and find out how you can turn your boring lanyard into something pretty and stay in-style.

1. Lanyard As A Bracelet

This works both ways for fashion and functionality. Keep your keys handy by securing them with a lanyard. But instead of just hiding it inside your purse or bag, wear it around your wrist.

To make it more stylish, do not settle for a simple lanyard. Show off your creativity by combining two or more lanyards with different colors and braid them. You can even add gems to it if you want. The keys make a unique-looking charm around your wrist.

2. On Your Belt Loops

If you run out of belts to match your outfit or simply need one to keep your pants or shorts from falling, a custom lanyard is a quick fix to this problem. Of course, you want to keep it fashionable so best to stay away from lanyards that have your school or company name on them. Instead, find several lanyards of the same color or even different colors if you want them to be colorful, braid or knot them until you get the perfect length and thickness for your lanyard belt.

You can also simply loop it on one of the belt hoops and let it hang loosely. You can attach your keys or USB to it if you like for easy access. However, be sure to find the perfect color that will match your complete outfit to make this work.

3. Wrap It Around Your Ankles

It’s almost the same as wearing it as a bracelet but the difference is you wear it as an anklet. Same with a bracelet, you may mix and match different colors and tie or knot them together and make a fashion statement.

Wearing it as an anklet frees your neck and chest with whatever it is that you attach to your lanyard. Let’s be honest, sometimes it can be annoying when your keys keep hitting your chest every time you walk or move.

4. As A Bag Accessory

Your lanyard can serve its purpose and at the same time be a cute bag accessory. Most of you probably just keep your lanyards with your personal belongings attached to them inside your purse or bag. For a change, why not flaunt it and let people appreciate your style.

You can either tie it around one of the straps or use it as an extra strap. Don’t forget to style it up a notch. Or if you are proud of the company you work for or the school you’re in, you can settle for the school or company lanyards. Show them your support by flaunting their names on your bags.

5. Face Mask Holder

Now that the new normal is wearing a mask in public areas, why not make it a little bearable by attaching a lanyard to it. This will not only keep your mask handy but can also prevent you from misplacing your mask when you need to take it off.

Also, it adds style to your everyday look. You can even personalize your lanyard by adding some beads or gems to it or you can put your name on it to avoid losing it. You can also use chains or other materials to make it look fancy.

6. As A Shoelace

Make your old sneakers or rubber shoes look brand new by giving them a fresh look with your lanyards. Braiding or knotting two or more lanyards may not work on this as we all know how small the loops are in sneakers and rubber shoes. So best to choose the right color or find a printed lanyard to make it more unique.

7. Use It As A Sash

If you’re tired of hanging your lanyard and the things attached to it on your neck, try wearing it as a sash. It can be more comfortable plus it can be part of your style. Just be careful in choosing the right lanyard color so it will go well with your outfit.

8. Around your Hand

This is perfect for very busy people and who need important things nearby. Plus, you can easily dump your lanyard inside your drawers or bags when you no longer need it. Just a few wraps around the knuckles will do the trick. Be sure to find a nice lanyard because people will surely notice it.

9. Leave It Hanging From Your Pocket

By simply hanging it from the inside you can keep your valuables nearby and at the same time make yourself trendy. It doesn’t matter whether you hang it from your side or back pockets, the important thing is that your lanyard looks fashionable and cool. You can do this by customizing your simple lanyard into something stylish.

10. Wrapped On Your Thighs

Now, this may not be the most comfortable place to wear your lanyard, but it keeps your valuables secure. No one can easily snatch it off of you. This is perfect when you are wearing shorts instead of jeans. Who knows, this can be the latest trend next season.